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Thailand Health Insurance Coverage Areas

Modern professionals and expatriates that are based in Thailand are often required to make a number of overseas trips during the year. These trips may be either for business or pleasure and on these occasions the individual required to travel must consider whether to purchase a Thailand travel health insurance plan in addition to their existing health care plan.

In the event that the individual concerned has a local Thailand medical insurance plan, they may have to purchase a new short term medical insurance plan which will only add to their workload in advance of the trip. Local Thailand health insurance policies will typically restrict the coverage area of the plan to the territory of Thailand, hence why an additional plan is necessary.

At Thailand health insurance, we know that some of these trips may be unforeseen and urgent travel may be required; therefore, we are perfectly positioned to offer detailed and accurate advice on the Thailand medical insurance plans that are capable of providing you with international health coverage.

Please follow the link to Local Health Insurance and International Health Insurance for more information on the differences between local and international health insurance plans.

Geographical Areas of Coverage

Medical insurance providers that offer Thailand health insurance policies deliver plans that will provide the policyholder with international coverage and depending on the provider and their product, it may be possible to choose from a number of options which can provide coverage for certain countries or regions of interest to you.

Thailand health insurance providers will usually offer two international coverage options with their plans and these are:

A more comprehensive list of global coverage options may be available from certain medical insurance providers; nevertheless, Worldwide and Worldwide Excluding the USA coverage options will typically be included in the majority of international Thailand health insurance plans.

Most health insurance companies offer worldwide coverage that excludes the USA purely because, on average, its medical treatment and associated costs are the most expensive in the world. We encourage professionals that are predominately based in Asia and who are not required to travel to the United States to consider medical insurance plans that exclude coverage for the USA. International coverage is still possible and considerable savings on your premium can be made by choosing an option that excludes coverage for the United States.

It is important to be aware that international Thailand health insurance policyholders can seek treatment at the hospital or medical facility of their choice as long as it is within the policy coverage area. Policyholders whose plans exclude coverage for the USA can still access treatment at top class medical facilities outside of the United States.

Thailand Health Insurance Coverage Information

Please complete the request form at the top of this page to receive comprehensive and up-to-date information and advice on Thailand health insurance coverage. Additionally, our research and support staff can provide you with information on Geographical Areas of Coverage and they can be contacted directly here.