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Chronic Condition Health Insurance in Thailand

Medical conditions such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases and Respiratory diseases like Asthma for which there are no particular cure are categorized as a Chronic Health Condition.

Buoyed by strong economic growth in recent years, Thailand has undergone significant socio-economic changes which has resulted in a growing middle class and increased prosperity for its population. This development has also brought about changes to lifestyle that include eating habits and leisure activities and health experts are now seeing a direct connection between these changes and an increase in the number of people being affected by chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Another important factor that has come about as a direct result of Thailand’s economic success has been a sharp increase in the number of people seeking better employment opportunities by moving from rural areas to the country’s large urban cities. This influx of people into the country’s cities has placed additional strain on public health services and on the environment, with Bangkok in particular suffering from horrendous traffic jams and air pollution.

Air pollution has long been recognized as one of the leading causes of respiratory diseases such as Asthma and its effects on the individual and their families ensure that the condition requires constant monitoring and management. As people age, chronic health conditions can become more serious and more difficult to control while the financial implications of managing such a condition can also be quite expensive.

As Thailand’s social and economic landscape continues to change, its residents are at increasing risk of suffering from a serious medical illness that may require ongoing treatment and we advise all individuals relocating to the country to seriously consider a Thailand health insurance plan that contains a Chronic Medical Coverage provision.

Chronic Condition Health Insurance Coverage

Many young people today would view a chronic medical condition as an illness that would not afflict them until later in life and which subsequently doesn’t require much consideration now. It is important to understand that a chronic medical condition can develop at any time and as most health insurance plans will be renewable for life, it is worthwhile including it in your coverage options.

Health insurance companies can also sometimes treat the development of a chronic medical condition as a pre-existing condition which would automatically exclude it from coverage. To help protect your coverage options going forward, it would be prudent to add a Thailand chronic medical condition benefit to your health insurance plan.

Thailand health insurance providers will typically offer chronic medical condition coverage in one of the following ways:

Lifetime Limit for Chronic Conditions

Your health insurance provider may, within the total lifetime of the policy, set a monetary limit on the total cost of treatment of the condition for which coverage will pay for. As the monetary value and timeframe will not change under any circumstances, exceeding either provision will ensure coverage is no longer applicable.

Annual Limit for Chronic Conditions

Similar to the lifetime limit provision, the monetary value and timeframe are instead calculated annually. As such, the monetary value resets along with the renewal of the policy allowing coverage to continue.

Acute Phases Only

A provision which provides coverage should the medical condition quickly deteriorate to such a degree that treatment at a medical facility may be required. Although rare, coverage under the policy for these sudden developments is guaranteed and an example of an acute phase of a chronic medical condition may be when a diabetic experiences a sharp rise or fall in their blood sugar level which they cannot safely treat themselves and may require a trip to the doctor or hospital, which is then classified as an acute phase of the chronic medical condition. If coverage for a chronic condition is only extended to acute phases, the health insurance provider will adjust the terms and conditions according to the severity of the chronic health condition.

Please note that some medical insurance providers will not extend coverage to chronic medical conditions. If a chronic medical condition coverage benefit becomes available to you, the insurance company and the specific plan you have chosen will determine the exact terms and conditions of the benefit.

Chronic Condition Health Insurance Information

Please complete the short request form at the top of this page to receive detailed information on the range of chronic medical condition coverage options currently available with a Thailand medical insurance plan. In addition, our support and research staff can provide you with comprehensive information on general issues relating to Thailand health insurance and they can be contacted directly here.