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Thailand Dental Health Insurance

The cost of dental treatment in Thailand can vary greatly between treatment offered at public health facilities and comparable treatment at private health facilities. Some private medical facilities, particularly those of a high standard in Bangkok, are popular with medical tourists from across Asia who wish to avail themselves of high quality dental treatment at a cost which is considerably less than similar treatment in their country of residence.

Expatriates and non-nationals resident in Thailand should note that, in relative terms, the use of private medical facilities for dental treatment can be expensive. While some individuals may have received dental coverage as part of their employment package, this level of coverage is typically not comprehensive and may only provide partial coverage against dental fees.

Thailand Dental Health Insurance Coverage

Health insurance providers will typically offer two coverage options with a Thailand dental medical insurance plan and they are:

Routine Dental Treatment

Major Dental Treatment

Offering more coverage options than a routine benefit, a major dental treatment optional benefit can provide more comprehensive coverage that will include a routine dental treatment provision, plus coverage for the following:

At present, dental health insurance coverage is only available with a Thailand health insurance in-patient plan. One important point to be aware of is that should you require emergency dental treatment following an accident or emergency, most Thailand health insurance plans will ensure coverage for this treatment.

Most health insurance providers will also include a Waiting Period to their dental coverage benefit which effectively means that a pre-agreed timeframe must have elapsed under the plan before coverage for dental treatment can begin. The waiting period is included because a majority of people will have previously received some form of dental treatment and there may be a possibility of an underlying pre-existing dental condition, hence why medical insurance companies apply the waiting period.

Thailand Dental Health Insurance Information

Comprehensive information on Thailand dental health insurance can be requested by completing the details form at the top of this page. Alternatively, advice and information on Thailand dental medical insurance or on Thailand health insurance in general can be sought by directly contacting our research and support staff here.