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Emergency Evacuation Health Insurance

A significant number of plans available from Thailand health insurance providers offer worldwide coverage, meaning that regardless of where you may be required to travel to, either within Asia or around the world, you will still be able to receive continuous and comprehensive health insurance coverage.

While medical facilities in the Thai capital Bangkok generally operate to a high standard, facilities elsewhere in Thailand and throughout the Asian region may be poor and unreliable, particularly facilities located in rural or sparsely populated areas.

Emergency Evacuation Health Insurance Coverage

Should you suffer an unfortunate emergency or accident while visiting an isolated area that does not have the medical facilities which can adequately treat you; an Emergency Evacuation Coverage Benefit can help guarantee medical attention and evacuation to the nearest hospital or medical facility which can provide you with the health care and treatment you require.

An Emergency Evacuation Benefit can be useful once it has been determined that the medical facilities where you suffered the illness or accident cannot provide you with the healthcare you require. Your health insurance provider will then make arrangements to have you transported to the nearest hospital or medical facility that can provide you with the required healthcare and treatment, be it within the country of your current location or overseas.

Please be aware that the policyholder cannot request an emergency evacuation without the agreement of both the medical team that provided that individual with emergency medical care and a medical consultant from the health insurance provider.

Emergency evacuation which includes transportation via airplane or helicopter for example is prohibitively expensive, therefore, individuals or groups traveling to isolated areas in pursuit of leisure activities are advised to consider including an emergency evacuation benefit within their Thailand health insurance plan.

Emergency Evacuation Health Insurance Information

Please complete the request form at the top of this page to receive detailed information and assistance in understanding Thailand health insurance plans that contain an emergency evacuation benefit. Our support and research staff can also provide you with detailed information on this coverage benefit or on Thailand medical insurance in general and they can be contacted directly here.