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Thailand Inpatient Health Insurance

Any treatment received by an individual at a hospital or medical facility which requires an overnight stay of at least one night can be classified as inpatient and this coverage benefit is one of the central parts of a Thailand medical insurance policy.

The fees relating to inpatient treatment in Thailand can be expensive and are generally the highest costs for medical treatment an individual will have to bear. To reduce exposure to high inpatient and medical costs, purchasing a Thailand health insurance policy that covers inpatient treatment is advisable.

Thailand Inpatient Health Insurance Coverage

The plans available from most Thailand medical insurance providers will include coverage for medical treatment requiring an overnight stay although it is worth noting that the exact terms and conditions of a health insurance policy will vary depending on the insurance provider. It may also be possible to receive coverage for some outpatient treatments such as minor surgical procedures included within the plan, usually through additional benefits that can be added when you take out the inpatient health insurance policy.

The benefits detailed below will typically be included in most Thailand inpatient medical insurance plans:

The above list is not comprehensive and while it contains benefits common to a Thailand health insurance plan, the actual inpatient benefits you receive are dependent on the medical insurance provider and the plan you choose to purchase.

Even though the average person may require inpatient medical treatment on a small number of occasions throughout their life, the amount payable each year in medical insurance premiums will be a tiny fraction of the amount you could be liable to pay for hospitalization and inpatient treatment should you not have insurance coverage. We therefore advise individuals to consider adding an inpatient benefit to a Thailand medical insurance policy.

Additional information on inpatient coverage options can be found by contacting a Thailand health insurance staff member here.

Thailand Inpatient Health Insurance Information

Please complete the request form at the top of this page to receive detailed information and assistance on Thailand medical insurance plans. Once our support staff receive your information and assess your healthcare needs, they can begin to work with you so you understand what coverage options and benefits are available to you and can make an informed decision about your Thailand medical insurance coverage.