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Thailand Maternity Health Insurance

A variety of maternity insurance benefits and options are available from the insurance providers which offer comprehensive Thailand maternity health insurance plans. With a support staff that closely monitors all aspects of the local and international medical insurance industry; we are perfectly positioned to assist parents or soon to be parents in understanding the Thailand maternity medical insurance options available to them.

Having a child in the modern world is not easy and at Thailand Health Insurance we understand and acknowledge the effort both parents have to make to ensure the entire pregnancy period is as smooth and trouble free as possible.

A number of Thailand’s private medical clinics and hospitals provide a high quality maternity service and this service can also be quite expensive, a routine delivery for example can cost in excess of one thousand US dollars and this amount would increase quickly in the event any additional services were urgently required. Any young families or couples contemplating having a baby while they are resident in Thailand are advised to contact us for information on the range of Thailand maternity medical insurance plans currently available.

Maternity Health Insurance Waiting Periods

A waiting period is a pre-agreed period of time the policyholder must incur on the plan before they are eligible to claim against a particular benefit and a waiting period will apply to most maternity medical insurance plans. There are two ways a Thailand medical insurance provider will approach maternity insurance coverage and they are:

From The Start of the Plan

The most common waiting period an insurance company will apply to a maternity coverage benefit; this option will allow coverage only when a specific amount of time has been accumulated under the plan.

The actual amount of time varies from provider to provider but the general timeframe for a number of Thailand maternity medical insurance plans is 10 to 12 months, although some plans may have waiting periods as short as 8 months. This essentially means that approximately 10 months must have elapsed from the commencement date of the plan before the policyholder can receive coverage for maternity treatments. Any treatment that the medical insurance provider deems related to the benefit is also not eligible for coverage before the waiting period is over.

Until Conception

Waiting periods that last until conception are another type of waiting period, although they are rarely invoked by health insurance providers and this provision will require the couple to wait for a pre-determined length of time before conception can take place. Once the timeframe has elapsed, maternity coverage will be granted by the medical insurance provider should conception occur. If your health insurance company includes this kind of waiting period for maternity cover in your Thailand medical insurance plan, then you will be unable to claim for maternity coverage during this waiting period.

In a small number of cases, coverage for the delivery of your child may be included in the terms and conditions of the waiting period; however, depending on the plan you choose, it may also be possible to extend coverage to your newborn child. Please click New Born Child Coverage for further information.

Thailand Maternity Health Insurance Coverage

Thailand health insurance providers can offer comprehensive maternity health insurance coverage and a large number of benefits and options are available, some of which can include:

Typically excluded from coverage in Thailand maternity medical insurance policies, some medical insurance providers may provide coverage for fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) and any subsequent pregnancy through to the delivery.

Thailand Maternity Health Insurance Information

You can apply for additional information on Thailand maternity insurance by completing the request form at the top of this page. Once our support staff has received your information they will begin to draft a comprehensive Thailand health insurance report for your review. We can also be contacted directly for general assistance and information by clicking on the Thailand health insurance link.