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New Born Child Health Insurance in Thailand

Comprehensive health insurance for your new born child is possible and there are many coverage options available under a Thailand new born child medical insurance plan.

Most Thailand health insurance providers will add a waiting period to a new born coverage benefit, although in comparison to Thailand Maternity Health Insurance Coverage, the waiting period will be considerably shorter in duration. Depending on your circumstances and the provider you decide to work with, waiting periods can typically be 6 months or less while a maternity insurance waiting period is generally 10 months. This affords you some flexibility in the event that the maternity waiting period has not elapsed and coverage for the delivery is not possible, you can still ensure health insurance coverage for your new born, effective from their date of birth, should any complications arise.

While expatriates and non-nationals resident in Thailand can access public sector hospitals for medical treatment that includes maternity and delivery services, many of these public facilities do not operate to international standards. Private medical facilities and hospitals, particularly those in the capital city of Bangkok, are popular with foreign residents and although the services and treatments available there are more expensive than those at their public counterparts, they are close to the standards of care an expatriate would expect from world class hospitals. In the event that any unforeseen medical issues arise following the birth of your child, it is important to ensure you are protected against potentially high medical costs. Giving due consideration to a Thailand New Born Child Health Insurance benefit is therefore strongly recommended.

New Born Child Health Insurance Coverage

A Thailand medical insurance plan that contains a new born child coverage benefit will offer the policyholder two options should they wish to have the child included on their policy and the exact terms and conditions of these two coverage options are dependent on the Thailand health insurance provider you work with. Some providers may, for example, offer to extend coverage to your child free of charge, others may charge an additional premium or there may even be some discounts available.

The two options typically available under a New Born Child Benefit are:

Born Into The Plan

This provision provides full and comprehensive coverage for your new born child from their date of birth while also offering medical coverage that is renewable for life. The insurance company should be informed of the birth as soon as possible, usually within four weeks of the birth and arrangements can then be made to add the child to the policy. In some cases, a premium increase will result if the child is added to your Thailand medical insurance policy although the child will receive full health coverage from the first moment they are born.

Free Benefit

A free benefit within a Thailand new born health insurance plan will ensure medical coverage for your new born child for a specific amount of time, typically 30 days. During this period, you will not be required to pay an extra premium and your child will receive comprehensive medical coverage. Once the pre-agreed timeframe has elapsed, it is possible to have your insurance provider issue a new policy that provides coverage to your child. One important point to note is that should your child develop a medical condition during their time under the free benefit provision, the insurance company may exclude it from coverage as it will be classified as a pre-existing medical condition. Please follow the link for detailed information on the coverage of Pre-Existing Medical Conditions.

New born child benefits and coverage have been developed to help provide medical coverage for infants that may have been born with a congenital birth defect. Any medical problems that a child displays at the time of birth can be described as a congenital birth defect and examples can include minor skin conditions through to more serious problems for which ongoing medical treatment is required.

There are four categories into which congenital birth defects can be classified and they are:

An infant born with a congenital birth defect or serious medical problem will cause additional worry and stress for its parents, therefore, to help ensure your child receives the medical care is needs, it is advisable to include a new born child coverage benefit within your Thailand medical insurance policy.

New Born Child Coverage Information

Detailed information and advice on a new born child coverage benefit can be requested by completing the details section at the top of this page. Our support and research staff can also provide you with information on new born child coverage or on Thailand medical insurance in general and they can be contacted directly here.