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Pre-Existing Condition Health Insurance in Thailand

A pre-existing medical condition is essentially a medical condition that an individual received treatment for, or was aware of, prior to their application for coverage under a Thailand health insurance policy.

Most medical insurance providers offering Thailand medical insurance will typically exclude pre-existing medical conditions from coverage, although depending on the provider and the plan on offer, it may be possible to receive coverage for a pre-existing medical condition. Health insurance providers will usually assess applications for covering a pre-existing medical condition based on the individual concerned. It is also worth noting that some providers will not offer coverage for any pre-existing medical condition, regardless of what condition that may be.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Insurance Coverage

Three factors are taken into consideration by a Thailand health insurance provider when reviewing an application for pre-existing medical condition coverage and they are: Premium Loading, Moratoriums and Exclusions.

Premium Loading

Some medical insurance companies may decide to offer coverage for a pre-existing medical condition for a higher premium. If a premium loading option becomes available with your plan, you will receive coverage for the pre-existing medical condition on the basis you pay the higher premium. When premium loading options are offered, they will typically only include coverage for certain pre-existing conditions.


Otherwise known as a waiting period, a moratorium is a pre-determined length of time that the policyholder must have built up under the plan before coverage for a particular benefit begins.

Thailand health insurance providers may include a moratorium on an application for coverage of a pre-existing medical condition and they are typically two years in duration. Should the moratorium period pass and the pre-existing has required treatment and is not likely to reoccur, the provider may decide to extend coverage to the condition at the next policy renewal date.


The most common response a Thailand medical insurance company will make to a pre-existing medical condition is to exclude it completely from coverage. The condition itself and any other health condition related to it will also not receive coverage. Other medical conditions that may arise naturally will receive coverage according to the details of the policy.

Should a large group apply for a Thailand health insurance policy, they may be entitled to avail themselves of another option that a medical insurance provider may offer in relation to pre-existing medical conditions. This option is called Medical History Disregarded.

Medical History Disregarded

A Medical History Disregarded is typically only available to large groups with 20 or more members and can allow coverage for a number of pre-existing medical conditions. This option provides the group with coverage for a number of conditions that would normally have been excluded, effectively disregarding their previous medical history.

Pre-Existing Medical Insurance Information

By completing the short request form at the top of this page you can apply for information on Thailand pre-existing medical insurance coverage. In addition, information and assistance on knowing Thailand health insurance and pre-existing medical conditions can be received by contacting one of our support staff here.