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Thailand Health Insurance Premiums

Thailand health insurance providers will generally use two standard criteria to determine the cost of premiums and they are: the Geographical Area of Coverage requested under the plan and the age of the applicant.

Most of these providers, when calculating a new premium or a renewal of an existing plan, will not use experience as a determining factor. This essentially means that any treatment you may have received previously under the health plan will not have an effect on the premium.

It is important to distinguish between Thailand medical insurance plans offered by international providers and plans available from local health insurance companies. With many local providers, the policyholder’s medical experience is almost always a central factor when calculating the premium. As a result, the premium price that they will offer you first will appear quite cheap but should you claim against the plan at any point, this will generally result in an increase in premium when the time to renew the policy.

Premiums and Renewals

As previously mentioned, you must supply your age and the geographical area in which you wish to receive coverage to your Thailand health insurance company to ensure you receive an accurate premium quotation.

Please be aware that premiums which are calculated based on age as one of two determining factors will increase as you age and this is partly because there is a higher risk of suffering from a serious illness or a chronic medical condition as you get older. The main benefit of working with a provider that calculates premiums based on the policyholder’s age are that the provider will typically give you prior notice of all premium increases thus making any increase easier to accommodate.

Another important point to be aware of is that policies that base their premiums on age are what is known as ‘community rated’ international Thailand medical insurance plans. This means that all individuals located in the same geographical area of coverage and who are of the same age will each pay the same premium.

The leading Thailand medical insurance providers each operate an in-house Renewals and Administration Department which typically try to contact their clients roughly one month in advance of the policy renewal date. The provider will outline the terms and conditions of the policy renewal, including any increases in premium and generally supply you with any information you require which will help yu decide whether or not to continue with the plan.

A Thailand medical insurance plan will typically offer the policyholder the option of renewing the plan for life. The benefit to this is that as you get older, there will typically be no age limitations attached to the plan and you can continue to renew the plan for as long as you desire. Thailand medical insurance plans will offer you and your family continuous healthcare coverage going forward.

Paying for Thailand Health Insurance

Conscious that some individuals may prefer a certain type of payment option, international Thailand health insurance providers offer their policyholders numerous ways in which they can purchase their health insurance plan.

As such, payments can be made via a number of international currencies including USD, GBP and EUR. On occasion, payments may also be accepted in Thai Baht and this is dependent on the particular health insurance provider.

Flexible payment options for those who want to spread their payments over the year, which is by paying in installments, are also possible. A number of providers typically offer premium options that allow your payments to be made each month, every three months, twice per year or in one payment in full. Bank transfers, cash, checks and payments via credit card are the four standard payment methods generally available with most Thailand medical insurance plans.

Individuals considering paying for their Thailand health insurance plan via installments should note that they may be liable to pay an extra fee in the region of 4-6% of the premium. The fee will depend on your medical insurance provider although in some cases you may be able to negotiate a discount in this surcharge. Please note that our support staffs are always available to answer any queries you may have about premiums, payment methods and surcharges.

Thailand Health Insurance Premium Information

Detailed information on Thailand health insurance premiums can be requested by completing the details form at the top of this page. Additionally, please contact one of our support staff for comprehensive advice on Thailand medical insurance premiums or on general issues relating to Thailand medical insurance.