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Thailand Health Insurance Waiting Periods

A number of coverage benefits within a Thailand health insurance plan will include a waiting period provision attached. A waiting period is a certain amount of time during which the policyholder is unable to claim for treatment under a specific benefit. The period of time is generally pre-agreed between the medical insurance provider and the policyholder and once the waiting period has finished, coverage for that benefit becomes applicable.

Individuals who take out their first health insurance plan will usually have a number of waiting periods attached to the plan and these are designed to prevent the policyholder from claiming for treatment for what may already be a pre-existing medical condition.

How Do Waiting Periods Work?

Thailand medical insurance providers will apply their waiting periods according to the level of coverage sought by the policyholder and the terms and conditions attached to the particular product or plan in question. In a nutshell, you as the policyholder must have been on the policy for a pre-determined period of time before coverage for specific benefits or conditions can begin.

Two of the more common coverage provisions that will have a waiting period attached are:

Please click on the links above to see in more detail how a waiting period can apply to these coverage options.

Most dental health insurance plans will, for example, include a waiting period to prevent an individual claiming for treatment that may already have received separate treatment and would therefore be classified as a pre-existing medical condition.

A Pre-Existing Medical Condition is routinely excluded from coverage with most Thailand medical insurance policies and they can be described as any medical condition or symptom of a medical condition which the policyholder knew about or sought treatment for prior to the commencement of the p0lan.

Thailand Health Insurance Waiting Period Information

Additional information on waiting periods and how they apply to Thailand health insurance plans is available by completing the details form at the top of this page. Our staffs are also on hand to provide you with advice on waiting periods, coverage options or any Thailand health insurance issues and they may be contacted here.