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Giving Birth and Maternity Insurance in Thailand

Preparing for and welcoming a new member to the family is a wonderful feeling and a tremendous and fulfilling experience for both parents, regardless of whether or not it is their first child or another sibling to the family. The pregnancy period can also be a demanding and stressful time for all family members and ensuring everything progresses as smoothly as possible can, at times, be very difficult.

Quite soon after the pregnancy has been confirmed, a number of serious issues need to be addressed and these will include which medical facility to use for pre-natal treatment and the birth, what are the costs involved, are they within the household budget and what kind of treatment can you expect to receive, particularly if there are any complications. These are just some of the many issues that will need to be considered prior to or during the pregnancy period.

All parents to be, but especially first time parents, quickly realize how much work is involved and how their lifestyle and routine will change to accommodate having a child, no matter where in the world they may be. Parents residing in Thailand also encounter the same challenges and while many of these challenges are common all over the world, there are some important issues that families preparing for a child in Thailand need to be aware of. With these considerations in mind, this section of the website contains crucial information that all soon to be parents should familiarize themselves with, such as which hospitals provide the best maternity services and how best to ensure your child receives comprehensive medical insurance protection from the moment they are born.

Thailand Maternity Insurance Trends

While medical standards in Thailand have improved in recent years, the majority of health facilities and particularly those in the public sector are still considered to fall short of international standards. A number of private health facilities in Bangkok are capable of providing high quality health care and most expatriate and non-national families contemplating or planning to give birth in Thailand prefer to use one of these private medical facilities.

There are a number of reasons why expatriate couples would more readily use a private facility for the duration of their maternity treatment and the main criteria supporting this point of view are the widespread availability of English speaking staff or staff who can speak a number of international languages. These staff will also have spent some time studying or training abroad meaning they will also be more aware of cultural differences, attitudes and requirements. Private facilities also tend to be better equipped with modern machinery and technology while also having more nurse and administration staff available to support patients.

In addition to the points mentioned above, Thailand’s warm climate, picturesque beach resorts and the welcoming and friendly attitude of the local population all contribute to it being an ideal location to relax and recuperate after giving birth. Consequently, increasing numbers of young expatriate professionals resident in Thailand are deciding to start a family while they are resident in the country. Having a child while residing abroad poses many problems but if you are considering having a child in Thailand you can be assured that high quality maternity services and support are available for costs that are very competitive when compared to similar services in more developed or Western countries.

Maternity Costs in Thailand

As recent maternity insurance trends point towards large numbers of foreign expatriates using private health facilities, the most important question many prospective parents will seek an answer to is what are the total costs involved in having a baby at such a facility in Thailand?

The most popular hospital in Thailand among expatriates seeking first class maternity services is the Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok. The Bumrungrad operates a Women’s Center which offers a wide range of services including pre-natal, maternity and post-natal treatment and support. There are a number of maternity / baby delivery packages available with prices ranging from 49,900 Baht for a routine natural delivery to 69,000 Baht for a Cesarean delivery.

The prices listed above include a two night stay for mother and baby, a private room which includes meals and nursing services plus all costs associated with delivery of the baby and labor room treatment. Similar conditions are applicable with the Cesarean delivery package with the added cost entitling the patient to an extra nights stay and the charges associated with the operation.

With many of Thailand’s private hospitals there will be no difference in the prices quoted to both foreign or expatriate residents and Thai citizens. This essentially means there will be no hidden charges that will come as a surprise to patients. Most hospitals will also require payment up front and before any services will be administered, ensuring that patients can be confident that they will receive the full complement of treatment and services they have paid for.

It is important to note that in the event of any sudden complications during a delivery which may require additional or complex medical services, the costs quoted above will increase dramatically. Hence it is important to ensure both mother and child have adequate health insurance to cover any unforeseen medical treatment.

Maternity Insurance in Thailand

When compared to the cost of maternity services in more developed countries, it is easy to see why many expatriates would choose to have a baby or start a family while resident in Thailand. Although the prices can be considered less expensive than elsewhere, in relative terms they are still quite expensive for Thailand and it is generally only expatriates or wealthy Thai nationals who will choose to have a baby at private medical facilities such as the Bumrungrad. Simply put, if you wish to avail yourself of first class medical services in Thailand then you must be aware of the cost implications of receiving such treatment, especially in cases where medical complications develop during the process.

In order to reduce exposure to high medical costs, it is worthwhile investing in an international health insurance plan that contains a maternity benefit. While some local Thai insurance providers may offer a maternity insurance package that appears good value for money, in many cases the provider will only cover a certain percentage of the total costs. It is therefore advisable to invest in a maternity insurance plan from one of the many international medical insurance providers who offer plans with comprehensive Thailand health insurance coverage.

Maternity Health Insurance Information

We can provide you with additional information on maternity health insurance coverage in Thailand. To apply, simply complete the short request form at the top of this page. Alternatively, our support and research teams can provide you with this information and they can be contacted by clicking here.