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HCC Thailand Health Insurance

HCC Thailand

HCC Medical Insurance Services, or HCC as it is otherwise known, is an international health insurance provider based in the United States. The company began operating in 1998 and was renamed HCC Medical Insurance Services in 2008 following a merger between MultiNational Underwriters (MNU) and HCC Insurance Holdings.

HCC’s primary focus is providing its international policyholders with flexible and comprehensive coverage, which is supported by an array of customer services tools and options. Having being one of the first insurance providers to offer its customers online access to product information and support, HCC is now leading the way with an interactive website that boasts a number of ways HCC members can receive first class customer support.

In addition to a World Service Center that offers 24/7 client assistance, members can also use a Live Chat service or social media platforms such as Twitter. Other services available on the company website include: translation services, travel alerts, lost passport and travel documents assistance and information on emergency travel arrangements.

HCC is always looking for ways to improve customer services and its relationship with its members and the online services mentioned above are just a fraction of the support options currently available. HCC policyholders know that should they ever need to contact the emergency support center, they will receive a first rate level of support and assistance.

HCC Thailand Insurance Testimonial

I am an English teacher in a rural part of northern Thailand. When I became ill earlier this year with a stomach infection, I was quickly able to contact HCC’s customer support team in America. Those guys gave me so much information, including which medical facility to travel to and even a few Thai phrases describing my illness in case the medical team didn’t speak English! HCC operate an outstanding administration and support team who go above and beyond their duty to help their clients. It’s a great feeling knowing that HCC will always be there looking out for me.

Ben Halsey
Chiang Rai

HCC Thailand Insurance Information

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