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Thailand Health Insurance Plans

Thailand Health Insurance contains detailed information on the health insurance options available to expatriates in Thailand. The wide range of categories, provisions and benefits that international Thailand medical insurance plans offer have all been developed with your requirements in mind and in some cases plans can be tailored to suit interests that are specific to you and these may include your work situation or the activities you enjoy participating in with your free time.

Thailand health insurance options can extend beyond the country and can include benefits that take into account any regional or global travel. Regardless of your age, nationality or occupation, a Thailand medical insurance plan can be the optimal solution to your healthcare needs. Please visit Thailand Health Insurance Coverage for more detailed information on the plans currently available.

Individual Thailand Health Insurance Plans

Specifically created to cater for one person’s healthcare needs, individual Thailand health insurance plans can provide comprehensive coverage for a single person resident in Thailand. The two most important criteria that an international medical insurance provider will take into consideration in Thailand are the person’s age and location. It is worth highlighting that certain benefits and provisions may be included with an individual plan and these are usually dependant on your circumstances.

For additional information please click Individual Thailand health insurance plans

Family Thailand Health Insurance Plans

Maintaining the health and wellbeing of family members, particularly while resident in a foreign country can be difficult for many parents and with this in mind, family Thailand health insurance plans have been developed to provide coverage for the whole family. With a wide range of benefits such as Maternity and Child coverage options, a family Thailand health insurance plan can provide you with confidence that your families health will always be taken care of.

For additional information please click Family Thailand health insurance plans

Group Thailand Health Insurance Plans

Group Thailand health insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage to members of a company or organization, sports team or club. Group medical insurance plans have their own unique set of benefits and provisions that may be unavailable with other plan options. A group medical insurance policy is generally available to a minimum of three subscribers and individual subscribers within the group can sometimes avail themselves of further optional benefits.

For additional information please click Group Thailand health insurance plans

Thailand Health Insurance Information

Should you wish to receive additional information on the range of Thailand medical insurance plans available to you please complete the request form at the top of this page. General information and advice on Thailand Health Insurance can also be received by directly contacting one of our staff members here.