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Group Thailand Health Insurance Plans

If you are a member of a company, group or organization that wishes to purchase medical insurance then you may be eligible for a group Thailand health insurance plan. Groups should typically contain a minimum of three members and our staff at Thailand health insurance has developed considerable experience advising organizations and companies of their options in relation to Thailand group medical insurance plans.

Many companies who transfer a number of staff to Thailand usually offer some form of health insurance plan as part of the relocation package and we have offered advice and guidance to many such companies in recent times. Individual members within a group plan, such as executives or directors for example, can sometimes choose from a wider range of benefits. Additional benefits are dependent on the individual member’s healthcare situation and requirements.

The premiums associated with a Group Thailand medical insurance plan are directly related to the number of members incorporated within the policy and depending on which insurance company you choose and the number of members seeking coverage, some discounts may be available.

Group Thailand Health Insurance Coverage

With a Thailand group medical insurance policy, certain benefits and provisions will take into account the healthcare needs of the overall group. Our staff at Thailand health insurance will work to provide you with the detailed information your organization or company requires.

The benefits available from a group Thailand medical insurance plan can include:

Group Thailand health insurance plans will often have a number of benefits that are unavailable with other policies, including sometimes having Medical History Disregarded Benefit under the pre-existing condition coverage option. Please click the following link for more information on Medical History Disregarded Benefits.

Individuals within the group can usually avail themselves of some important options that will allow them to take their coverage when they leave the group. Most international medical insurance providers will offer the individual the option of continuing their coverage even if they have decided to leave the group or have moved company or organization. In the event this does happen, the individual is personally liable for the premium payment although the coverage of treatments or diseases will typically have the same benefits and coverage levels as the original group plan. In most cases, illnesses for which treatment has been received under a previous or different policy would be classified as a pre-existing condition and can sometimes bring complications under a new plan.

Group Thailand Health Insurance Premiums

When calculating a group Thailand medical insurance premium, health insurance providers will consider the number of individual members seeking coverage within the plan, the geographical area of coverage and the age of each individual group member.

Group Thailand Health Insurance Information

Detailed advice and information on group Thailand health insurance plans can be requested once you have completed the short form at the top of this page. Alternatively, you can also contact us directly for additional information on the benefits and options available with a group Thailand medical insurance policy.