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Individual Thailand Health Insurance Plans

Individual Thailand Health Insurance plans have been specifically designed for single people. With an individual medical insurance plan, comprehensive local and international coverage can be afforded to single people who are resident in Thailand. Expatriates, citizens and non-nationals living in the country are all eligible to apply for an individual Thailand medical insurance plan.

Having built up years of experience working with leading local and international health insurance providers, Thailand Health Insurance can provide you with the detailed information you need that will help you determine which medical insurance policy meets your specific healthcare requirements.

Individual Thailand Health Insurance Coverage

Individual Thailand Medical Insurance plans can provide a policyholder with a large number of coverage and benefit choices, some of which can include:

It is important to note that comprehensive global medical coverage is generally available under individual Thailand Health Insurance plans. Individual plans are also typically renewable for life and globally portable, which essentially means that the plan remains with you for however long you choose while also providing international medical coverage. These important benefits will ensure your individual Thailand medical insurance policy continues to give you coverage even if you decide to move from your original location, develop a medical condition or experience a change in your personal situation.

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Individual Thailand Health Insurance Premium

Medical insurance providers that offer individual Thailand Health Insurance plans typically calculate their premiums based on two important criteria, namely the individuals age and location. This method ensures that all applicants within the same location and who are the same age will pay the same premium. The annual rate of premium increase is not dependant on any possible claims made against the policy.

As premiums are based on age, they will increase as the policyholder gets older. This is mainly due to the fact that as individuals age the risk of suffering from an illness that requires expensive treatment or ongoing medical assistance increases. Most health insurance providers operate an Administration Team that will contact their clients before the policy renewal date and inform them of any premium increases. In this way, you will be afforded sufficient time to assess the policy changes and make a responsible decision to continue with or terminate the plan.

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Individual Thailand Health Insurance Plan Information

More information on individual Thailand health insurance plans can be requested by completing the details section form at the top of this page. Additional assistance and information on Thailand Health Insurance can also be requested by contacting one of our staff here.