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Thailand Health Insurance

Thailand Health Insurance is a comprehensive medical insurance resource containing detailed information on healthcare, health related issues and medical insurance in Thailand. With extensive experience of the Thailand health care system, we can offer impartial information about Thailand medical insurance options currently available to resident non-nationals and expatriates in Thailand.

Thailand’s healthcare sector has made considerable progress in recent times and much of this progress can be attributed to the introduction of universal health cover for Thai citizens in 2001. Although primary healthcare standards have risen they are still below what many expatriates have come to expect and sustained investment is required to bring the sector on par with international medical standards.

There is an abundance of public and private healthcare options available throughout Thailand with most private health facilities concentrated in and around the capital city of Bangkok and most medical needs can be adequately treated at these facilities. One important point to note is that cash payments are typically required prior to a medical facility agreeing to provide healthcare services and treatment. Possessing international health insurance or local health insurance while you are in Thailand is therefore advisable.

Health insurance solutions in Thailand can generally offer localized or international coverage meaning that should you travel outside the country for business or pleasure, there are health insurance options available that will be able to accompany you and continue to provide you with comprehensive medical protection when you depart Thailand.

About Thailand Health Insurance

Thailand Health Insurance has been created to provide individuals currently residing in or shortly relocating to the country with information on Thailand international medical insurance plans. While we provide unbiased information on specific health insurance companies and their products Thailand Health Insurance is not a health insurance company, provider, or intermediary..

For more information About Us, please click About Thailand Health Insurance.

Thailand Health Insurance Plans

A wide range of Thailand health insurance plans are available to individuals and expatriates from across all sectors and industries. Most medical insurance companies will offer plans that fall within five main categories and these are:

More information on each category can be found by clicking on the links above.

Thailand Health Insurance Companies

At Thailand Health Insurance we have extensive knowledge of the leading international medical insurance companies that provide Thailand health insurance solutions to Thai nationals and Expatriates.

This knowledge enables us to offer reliable and up-to-date information on the international health insurance plans, provisions and benefits currently available in Thailand. With up to 60 insurance companies to choose from when selecting a Thai medical insurance plan finding the right company for you can be a challenge. We can provide detailed information that will help an individual choose the right Thailand medical insurance plan that suits their unique requirements. Insurance companies providing health insurance options in Thailand include:

  • AETNA Thailand
  • CIGNA Thailand
  • Allianz Worldwide Care Thailand
  • DKV Globality Thailand
  • William Russell Thailand
  • InterGlobal Thailand
  • Blue Cross Thailand
  • ExpaCare Thailand
  • GlobalHealth Thailand
  • Medicare International Thailand
  • IntegraGlobal Thailand
  • healthcare-international
  • HCC Thailand
  • International SOS Thailand
  • IMG Thailand
  • Nordic Thailand
  • ALC Global Health Insurance Thailand
  • HTH Worldwide Thailand
  • RSA Thailand
  • Vanbreda International Thailand
  • MSH_Int
  • MorganPrice
  • PacificCross
  • A+

More information on individual medical insurance providers can be found by visiting Thailand Health Insurance Company.

Thailand Health Insurance Resources

Our long standing relationships with global leaders in the health insurance industry have enabled us to collect a sizable volume of information on medical issues and insurance in Thailand. This information can vary, for example, to which medical facility is situated closest to you or which physician to visit to seek treatment for a specific illness. Should the information you need not appear on this site, you can complete an informational request on any page of this domain; we are determined to respond to all information requests in the shortest time possible.

Thailand health insurance information and resources can include:

Please follow the link to Thailand Healthcare Information for more information on healthcare resources.

Thailand Health Insurance Partners

Are you thinking about moving to Thailand? Perhaps you have already spent some time in Thailand are now preparing to move to another location. Thailand Health Insurance, in conjunction with our partners in the medical insurance industry, can provide you with the information required to make an informed decision on which health insurance plan meets your healthcare needs.

Please click Thailand Insurance Partners for more information.

Thailand Health Insurance Information

Please complete the short request form at the top of this page to receive additional information on Thailand health insurance. We can also provide you with information on medical insurance plans that offer coverage in Thailand, Asia and the rest of the world. Alternatively, you can Contact Us to request specific details from one of our expert knowledge advisors.